How it works

Simple & straight forward process

As easy as:


Email your document

Send your ppt, notes, drawings & instructions to us


Receive confirmation

Kanzen Design sends a confirmation email with as estimated deadline and a budget, if requested


Open your new deck

Kanzen Design emails you the document before the deadline


Our team has worked for decades with extremely confidential information and understand the value of it.

We understand the confidential nature of your documents, so all data shared with us is threatened with the utmost confidentiality and security.

Trust is at our heart.

We charge per hour

You have the freedom of charge per use and with no commitment.

Depending on the the work you require our team will require a different time (level of design x number of slides)

Brush up

10-15 slides

Turn notes into slides

2-6 slides

Visual enhancement

2-4 slides

We can also provide you a budget range estimation or even a closed price once our Design team has seen your project in detail.


You and your finance team will receive a monthly invoice with each an every interaction and its exact duration.

We can track and group the cost by project or employee.

Sign-up process

KANZEN Design services are simple, straight forward, without commitment and we take very seriously the confidentiality of your information


Sign-up with your details

Basic information about you and your company.
Register as a new KANZEN client through our online Typeform and in less than 5 minutes


Book a call

Your needs and KANZEN services & pricing
We want to understand your needs and find the best way to help you, know each other and clarify the cost and hourly rate of our services


Sign NDA

Your data and content will be always safe and remain confidential.
We officially commit to it in an NDA that will be sent to you for digital signature. We use HelloSign, a recognised market leader.


Send your first request

Send your presentation or sketches to request @ kanzen.design
Detail what you need, deadline and any helpful visual material we should have (branding guidelines, logos, supporting documents, etc.)



Pay per use
On request Price per hour
  • Book a call to fix your rate. Depending on your needs (one-off, recurrent, retainer, monthly commitment) you will benefit from a better discount
  • Visually enhance your presentation
  • Brush-up your deck
  • Turn notes into slides


Capped quote project
300-1,500 Complete project
  • We will determine together the effort/time required and establish a fixed price for the specific deck as a self-contained assigment
  • Visually enhance your presentation
  • Brush-up your deck
  • Turn notes into slides


Pay per use or capped quote
On request On request
  • Book a call to define together what are your branding needs and in what time frame. We will present you a budget to deliver on all your needs
  • Create your brand & logo
  • Design brochures, digital images, ...
  • Create a visual website

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