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The importance
of a presentation

An effective presentation will do one of two things: it will teach your audience something or it will inspire them to take action. But neither of those things will happen if the  audience isn’t engaged.

Stand out your communication with Visual Impacting material done by professionals so you can save hours of work and engage your audience.

Presentations are a powerful tool for communicating and influencing others
The ability to deliver an engaging and impactful presentation is a valuable skill
At KANZEN DESIGN we work with clients to find their way to tell their story
Our designers bring a good mix of creative and business thinking
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We specialize in creating visually compelling and effective presentations to help you engage and inspire your audience. 


Enhance Design

Our Designers will create or refine your presentations enhancing its visual appeal clarity and impact. This involves:

  • Creating a new modern design for the entire presentation
  • Adding imagery and icons where needed
  • Formatting
  • Change slide structure
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Brush Up

Using the existing template we brush up your draft and ensure consistency across all slides.

  • Format layout
  • Ensure consistency in font alignment, grid, titles, footnotes, …
  • No changes in images or overall look of the presentation
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Create Slides from Notes / Drawings

Our team will create a ready to be inserted slide from virtually any input:

  • Email instructions
  • Notes photo
  • Drawing photo
  • Whiteboard photo
  • PDFs Screenshots Images
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Animate and Export

In order to make your presentation more engaging and dynamic we will add animations transitions and interactive elements.

Show your deck in different formats:

  • Short video
  • Web
  • Embedded virtual book
  • Ready to print PDF


Company PPTX Template

We create your corporate template following your brand guidelines to ensure your team is effective and keeps consistency across company presentations:

  • Template design
  • Library of ready to use slides (including: Maps, charts. Agenda, covers, flows, calendars,…)
  • Personal icon set

We can also convert your old presentations into this new template.


Trainings and Workshops

We can create Training or workshops on how to create impactful presentations, covering design principles, storytelling, and effective use of PowerPoint tools.













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