PostPro was founded on that realisation, that thousands of sports and business people find themselves at a crossroads in their progression each year. PostPro’s work transcends the worlds of sport and business to add an extra dimension to your career. PostPro believes in offering a range of interactive, thought provoking and playful learning experiences to […]

Trip Monsters

Discover the joy of city adventures with TripMonsters! The app turns ordinary city walks into extraordinary family adventures. Whether you’re exploring your hometown or a new city, our carefully designed tours ensure fun and learning for the whole family.

Global Majority Consortium

Global Majority Consortium’s mission is to actively dismantle systemic oppression through a holistic eco-system approach that embraces the inherent assets and strengths of marginalized communities. Global Majority Consortium is committed to creating lasting change by prioritizing the agency, resilience, and unique contributions of these communities. Through philanthropic transformation, educational evolution, community empowerment, cultural change, and […]