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KANZEN is a Japanese word for:

Perfect, Completeness, Perfection


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Our team will transform your drawings, draft decks or finalized documents into visually impacting presentations & reports allowing you to focus on more relevant tasks.

We deliver quality with a fast turnaround.

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We’ve worked with top companies & start-ups across the world, including:

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Our Team

Top notch designers (former McKinsey, BCG, Kearney, Delta Partners …) will transform your drawings, draft decks or finalised documents into visually impacting presentations & reports.


Ignacio Jaureguizar

Strategy consultant | 4x Entrepreneur

+15 years in Strategy consulting

Ruben Priego
Head of Sales

PowerPoint designer | Sales specialist

+25 years in PowerPoint design and sales

Sofia Rodrigues
Head of PowerPoint Dept.

PowerPoint designer

20 years in PowerPoint design

Carlos Cravo
Head of Branding Dept.

Brand and Projects management

Work experience : 25 years

Our team formerly worked as designers for one or more of the following companies: McKinsey ©, Kearney ©, Bain ©, Oliver Wyman ©, Delta Partners ©, …
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