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Professional Design

We understand your needs right away.

Our team are Senior designers who worked in the design department of top consulting firms, such as McKinsey, Bain, BCG, FTI Delta, Monitor Deloitte, Oliver Wyman or Kearney.

We get it right on the first shot (no need for continuous back and fourths)

Always There

Our designers are present in all the world timezones.

We are available 24/7 and adapted to your time zone, schedule and language preferences. Peace of mind, email and forget about your deck. We always deliver.

You will have your presentation delivered within 48 hours. Urgent request? No problem we have 12h or less service.


Trust is at our heart.

Our team has worked for decades with extremely confidential information and understand the value of it. We understand the confidential nature of your documents.

All data shared with us is threatened with the utmost confidentiality and security.


We strive for simplicity.

Just email your deck and it will be in your inbox in 48h. Signing-up takes only 3 min.

Your invoice is straightforward, listing each and every design request of the month and with one-click payment.

We charge by minutes: no use, no cost.

Our Benefits

Consistent look & feel

across your documents

Save time

and money

Focus on your business

or get some sleep

Our Services

Presentation Design

Slides Visual Enhancement

Slides Brush up

Turn notes/drawings into slides

Company Presentation Template and Slide Library

Graphic Design

Visual identity

Brand kit



… and more

PowerPoint Toolbar

Designed for professionals, the KANZENDESIGN PowerPoint Toolbar streamlines design, boosts productivity, and transforms your slides into captivating visual

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Working with KANZENDESIGN means partnering with a team that is committed to delivering quality designs that effectively convey your message.

Let us help you make your presentations stand out.

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We've worked with top companies & start-ups across the world, including:

What our clients say about us

IWA Direct Limited

KANZENDESIGN’s services since 2020 and am uniformly pleased by their engagement process, produced content and support during the process. I look forward to receiving their work products, and am delighted every time with what I receive.

Itty Varugis


KANZENDESIGN has always provided a super reactive service to us. It is an amazing and super reliable service.

Alex Collart

Founding Partner

Timely, good quality, and smooth communication.

Michiel Bos


KANZENDESIGN covers all my design needs, from simple presentation to app UX/UI. They have profiles to suit every need and the flexibility and experience to deliver in a timely and cost effective way.

Andres Burdett

Managing Partner

I have been using KANZENDESIGN services for the last 4 years. The visual enhancements they make to my company presentations are really effective and eye catching ones. Moreover they always give me a good turnaround time, which is key for my business.

Carlos Domingo


KANZENDESIGN allows us to execute more, better and more quickly. The quality of their designs is awesome, and they are very respectful with the agreed deadlines. It is undoubtedly a partner of great value for us.

Luis Peiró


KANZENDESIGN has helped modernise and enhance our client pitch deck and presentations. The style of presentation that Kanzen produces is impressive: it gives us confidence when presenting to clients. Customer service is also second to none. If you want your PowerPoint presentation to stand out from the competition, then I can’t recommend KANZENDESIGN enough. 

Guy Fraser

Executive Search Director

KANZENDESIGN supports very effectively my communication flow with my stakeholders. I appreciate the creativity of their designers. I would even say the “controlled creativity”, in the sense that we are IT and Technology, and therefore must convey a professional image. All of that, is done with limited instructions, and the result is 99% of the time right on point. Thank you KANZENDESIGN teams for the support!

Gurvan Revineau


I had the best experience with KANZENDESIGN on several levels: in addition to the excellent work they did, they were always super fast and professional. They didn’t just do the work we asked them to do, but they also gave us some improvement tips and the result was exactly what we wanted. Friendly, professional and very good at what they do. The ideal recipe for success. 

Rita Matas

Communication Designer

I worked with KANZENDESIGN on a couple of projects. They never disappoint. Fast turnaround, excellent communication, and reasonable pricing. A+ 

Alexi Lane

Alexi Lane

Founder & CEO

Son rápidos, eficaces, responsables y cercanos. Desde que trabajo con ellos, yo, dedico mi tiempo al contenido y ellos hacen todo lo demás. Presentaciones, marca, identidad visual, y lo hacen tan bien, que yo, me despreocupo.

Mosiri Cabezas

Consultora Senior de Transformación y Transformación Digital

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